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Chamaenerion angustifolium


General Information

Fireweed is an easy-to-grow, fast-growing, upright rhizomatous herbaceous perennial. As a pioneer species, it can be aggressive given the right conditions.

Fireweed is typically found in open fields, pastures, prairies, hills, damp ravines, logged and burned areas, and along roadsides. It prefers afternoon shade and damp locations in hot summer climates. It does best in the mountains and where soil moisture is consistent.

Fireweed has showy pink saucer-shaped flowers. It typically flowers in July and August.

Young Fireweed leaves can be cooked and eaten. Older stems have been used to make twine and fishnets.

Plant Information

Plant Type:

Herbaceous perennial

Sun Preference:

Full Sun * Part Sun

Soil Moisture Preference:

Medium-Wet * Medium * Medium-Dry

Plant Height:

4 feet

Plant Width:

1 to 2 feet

Plant Spacing:

1 to 2 feet

Flower Color:


Flower timing:

July and August

Culture Information:


Pests & Disease:

Wildlife Use:

Native to:

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